45 Performances Against Fascism

photo by Sarah Berkeley

photo by Sarah Berkeley

Through waves of feeling overwhelmed by the constant state of crisis we face daily, I have decided to express my discontent with our government and prevailing systems of oppression: racism, sexism, white supremacy, heterosexism, ableism, capitalism and the human-caused climate change- through a series of performance art pieces.  

I will continue to organize, protest, lead trainings as other ways of directly engaging but feel the need to engage artistically in a more immediate visceral form.  It is a complete experiment and we will see what happens.  

I will perform 45 pieces that will respond to what's happening in the world around me.  Sometimes I will share videos, sometimes just photos, depending on what is possible.   Sometimes it might go on for hours.  Sometimes it might be only a couple minutes long.  Sometimes it will be funny.  Sometimes somber.  Sometimes abstract, sometimes concrete.  It is one stream of consciousness response from my heart.

Here we go....