Teaching + Organizing + Training


Monica Hunken

I am a solo theater performer that creates docu-adventure plays about my life.  I also teach physical theater and help design, organize and lead creative actions for social change.


 Teaching/ Organizing

Rainforest Action Network      ( Contracted in NYC)

Local NYC Action Coordinator and Trainer                            January-May 2019

RAN is a national environmental organization based in San Francisco. I led their NYC chapter campaign targeting Chase Bank for financing fossil fuels and private prisons. I organized a technical and creative action each month, escalating our pressure on target CEO Jamie Dimon and facilitated a monthly training on different tactics.

Sane Energy Project      ( Based in NYC)

Community Engagement Coordinator                             March- December 2017

Sane Energy Project is a New York based organization working toward a sane energy future that includes shutting down fossil fuel infrastructure and building a just transition toward renewable energy. 


Camp Wonderful  ( Western Massachusetts)

Camp Counselor and Teacher                         August 2017-Present

Camp Wonderful is a digital detox, fun-filled summer camp for adults in the woods. I led 5 "playshops" in physical storytelling, singing self-defense, contact improv, healing movement and site-specific theater and facilitated games and discussion with a group of campers.


Beautiful Trouble      (Traveling, Based in NYC)

Creative Action Trainer                             2014-Present

 Beautiful Trouble is a book, web toolbox and international network of artist-activist trainers whose mission is to make grassroots movements more creative and more effective.

   •   Co-facilitated two day workshop for 60 organizers from social justice, climate justice, economic justice from across the States in NYC.

   •   Led a workshop at Harvard University with Responsible Investment at Harvard Coalition to help reinvigorate their campaign against Harvard's timber industry by focusing on narrative, visuals and escalating pressure.

   •   Led a workshop at University of Maine at Farmington with a group of 30 students introducing them to using artistic principles in activism and civil disobedience.

   •   Led two workshops in Boca Raton, Florida to engage artists in climate action

   •   Led a workshop for CUNY grad students on creative activism tactics that they might utilize in their struggles within the institution



Resist Spectra   (Westchester, NY)

Trainer/ Organizer                        2015-Present

   •   Built a grassroots campaign against a fracked gas pipeline coming within a hundred feet of Indian Point nuclear power plant threatening schools, churches, houses and local community

   •   Organized Non-violent Direct Action training and implemented with hundreds of people

•   Led many meetings, went to trial and organized acts of civil disobedience to protest the construction



Living Theatre     (Touring, Based in NYC)

Associate Producer, Actor                                       2005-Present

-Co-developed tour across 8 cities in Europe

•   Set up workshops with refugee and immigrant communities and oversaw development of street performances

   •   Co-facilitated workshops on Living Theater techniques

   •   Performed in and co-created radical street performances

 •   Performed in a 5 hour ritual protest intervention in the British Museum with BP or Not BP and Art Not Oil against the BP sponsorship of the Sinking Cities exhibit

-Helped conceive of and organize Know Your Rites tour across 20 cities in the USA

   •   Performed in the production of Seven Meditations on Political Sado-Masochism

   •   Organized the route and set up many of the actions, performances and housing along the way for a 12 member company

   •   Led street performances and collaborations with communities

   •   Co-facilitated workshops on Living Theater techniques and know your rights training

-Performed in several plays over a decade of being in the company including a two person show with Co-Founder of the Living, Judith Malina in “Maudie and Jane”, a tour of “Mysteries and Smaller Pieces” in Ecuador, in the ensemble of “Korach” and “Histories of The World”



Volunteered at Katsikas Refugee Camp   (Katsikas, Greece)

Teacher/ Organizer                                         2016

   •   Helped design a curriculum of classes for youth and adult refugees that included English, Arts, Theater, Yoga and Physical Fitness



Refugee Puppet Theater Workshop   (Kirchdorff, Austria)

Teacher/ Co-Director                            2016

   •   Co-taught a puppetry theater workshop with a group of refugees from Iraq and Somalia through a community radio station in Austria.  We helped the participants develop short performances that they then shared with the community and have since been invited to perform in schools and other venues in town



  • Reverend Billy & The Stop Shopping Gospel Choir (NYC, NY)

Action Captain, Choir Member, Performer        2002-2015                                    

for radical performance community       

•    Helped design and lead actions and creative disruptions inside stores, bank lobbies, super malls and in streets                                                                                                                   

•    Performed in cross-country tour that resulted in documentary, “What Would Jesus Buy?”

•    Toured to festivals in the UK, Germany and across the US


Occupy The Pipeline    (NY, NY)

Co-Founder, Organizer                                         2012-2014 

   •   Built a creative grassroots campaign against a fracked gas pipeline coming into the West Village

   •   Organized NVDA trainings on site

   •   Led many rallies, parades, creative disruptions and acts of civil disobedience to protest the construction



Time’s-Up!     (NY, NY)

Organizer                                                    2004-2014

   •   Helped develop and design creative street spectacles and roving actions focusing on liberating public space and encouraging safe, fun sustainable transportation, including the Bike Lane Liberation Clown Brigade, Fountain Rides, Cyclista Women’s Dance Rides, Pirate Rides,  Polar Bear Con and so much more

   •   Initiated bicycle voyages out to the Rockaways to assist post Hurricane Sandy; carrying out supplies and food with trailers, bringing bicycled generators to power cell phones, leading groups out to help clean houses


Occupy Broadway     (NY, NY)

Co-Facilitator, Organizer                          2011

   •   Curated and orchestrated 24 hours straight of performance in a privately-owned public space



Physical Storytelling Workshop at Pioneer Works     (Brooklyn, NY)

Teaching residency                                                 2015

   •   Led a 5 week master class on physical theater and self-scripting which culminated in a showing for invited guests



Physical Storytelling Class at Brooklyn Arts Exchange/ JACK/ Triskelion Arts(Brooklyn, NY)

Teacher                                                                   2015

   •   Led multiple intensives in physical theater techniques, storytelling, vocal work and improvisation



Horse’s Mouth Theater Festival     (Sydney, Australia)

Guest Teacher                                        2013

   •   Led a master class on physical theater and self-scripting



International Festival of Making Theater    (Athens, Greece)

Guest Teacher                                                     2012    

   •   Performed Blondie of Arabia and taught a Physical Storytelling Workshop



 Storytelling Classat Bedouin Women’s Association (Wadi Rum, Jordan)

Guest co-Teacher

   •   Co- taught physical and vocal exercises for a group of Bedouin women



Gearilla! a Street Theater Workshop (Brooklyn, NY)

Instructor                                          2010

   •   Taught ensemble movement, Viewpoints, Clowning,

         Invisible Theater, Physical forms using changing landscape of Brooklyn waterfront



The Leadership Program    (NYC, NY)

Teaching Artist                                                                                  2007

   •   Infused leadership skills into arts practices, including visual art, set design and theater

   •   Taught theater and art classes in Middle Schools and High Schools in all boroughs



Creative Arts Club    (Jersey City, NJ)                                                                                              

Acting teacher                                                                                                  2005  

 •    Designed Curriculum of basic Theater and Life skills for

         An After school program for young children



Shakespeare Santa Monica Teen Program   (Santa Monica, CA)                2006                          

Director/Instructor for intensive theater training  program          

•    Designed curriculum of physical theater,

    speech, stage combat, dance, improvisation, and clowning

•    Directed full production of The Comedy of Errors



Young Audiences New York     (NYC, NY)                           2005-2006                 

Program Associate for Non-Profit                                                                    

that Places Teaching Artists in NYC Public Schools                                                                          •    Head of Bright Light Schools, overseeing 20 schools

•    Designed Cultural Excursions for classes with NYC museums

•    Managed 18 teaching artists in all arts disciplines



MCC Theater     (NYC, NY)                                                                        

Education and Outreach for Company                            2005                                       

of Twenty High School Students          

•    Associate Director, Uncensored: Urban Youth Redefined in Their Own Words

•    Movement Assistant, Youth Company; wrote and researched grants; recruit students; manage office



Benjamin Banneker Elementary School     (Brooklyn, NY)                        2005        

Teacher’s Assistant for Class of 20 First Graders                  

•    Tutor for math, spelling, reading and writing skills



Bread and Puppet Theater Company      (Glover, Vermont)                      2004              

Intern for Political Puppet Theater                                            

•    Created and performed in short acts for the Upside Down  World Circus



Makala Ashraya Kendra (Bangalore, India)                        2004                                         

Volunteer Instructor for a Boarding School                                          

for Abused/Abandoned/Runaway Boys        

•    Designed curriculum of daily activities for fifty impoverished street children

•    Taught theater, dance, music, art, leadership skills and English; documented children’s stories



Greenwave(Ranote, Thailand)                                          2004      

Volunteer for International Work Camp                          

•    Conducted English-Teaching Workshop at educational conference in Songkhla, Thailand



Art Start     (NYC, NY)                                                            2005 

Intern for Non-Profit Arts Organization for Homeless Children    

•    Taught theater to teens in homeless shelter



Counterclockwise: Arts in Action        (NY, NY)                              

Co-Founder of Activist Arts Club at NYU                                         

•    Created, directed, and performed in educational,

     interactive, or agit-prop street theater and teach-ins





New York University, Steinhardt School of Education                                                    New York

MA, Educational Theatre in Colleges and  Communities                                                2005   

With a focus on Theater for Social Change and Theater of the Oppressed 


•    Co-Director, puppet designer and builder, Dr. Faustus Lights the Lights

•    Team Leader-Where Old Men Meet:  A Williamsburg Story Project  ( audio walking tour)

•    Guest Artist, Juilliard production of Fortinbras

•    Study Abroad in Dublin- Community-Engaged Theatre Program:  Trinity College Dublin



New York University, Tisch School of the Arts                                                                  New York

BFA, Drama with a minor in Applied Theatre                                                                     2003


•    Tisch Award for Community Connections

•    Selected for International Theatre Workshop:  Amsterdam, Netherlands

•    Founded a politcal street theater group, Counter-clockwise; Arts in Action

•    Appeared in over 35 short films by NYU Film students

•    Lead Character and puppet designer, Jean Cocteau’s Eiffel Tower Wedding Party

•    Soloist in Richard Armstrong’s opera House of Words

Spanish, MS Office, Photoshop,  Squarespace, IMovie, Garageband