Mt Rushmore

Photo by Erik McGregor

Photo by Erik McGregor


Mt Rushmore

We can change our world.
The newest show from award-winning New York performer, Monica Hunken.  This is the story of one American woman's fantastical life in the throes of the rebellious Reagan era.   A true 1980's queer adventure with espionage, unexpected friendship and second chances.  
With live music

Writer / Performer: Monica Hunken
Director: Nehemiah Luckett
Dramaturg: Phillip Santos Schaffer

Drums: Nikkie McLeod
Trumpet: Eva Arce
Upright Bass/ Music Arranger: Phil Andrews

Play Consultant: Melissa Chambers

Video: Teodros Tamrat

Guest artist appearing on video from Bogota, Colombia: Yuly Rojas Oyola

Mt. Rushmore is a time travel, punk rock voyage that lands the audience in the throes of the rebellious Reagan era, where they help the performer on her quest to save her mother from a lifetime of grief and Conservatism. This wild quest is a true 1980s adventure - packed to the brim with espionage, unexpected friendships, and even a chance for redemption. Mt. Rushmore also features live original music with a band.

Mt Rushmore is sponsored, in part, by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC)

Developed with generous support from artist residency SPACE on Ryder Farm in upstate NY and a month long residency at Fish Factory in Iceland



-MKE Fringe Festival in late August 2018

with live musical accompaniment from Josh Bisker. 

-Charm City Fringe November 2018

-Exponential Theater Festival at Triskelion Arts January 2019

-The Brick Theater April 2019

The show had a well-developed and captivating personal voice, and her stage presence was larger than life. There was not a wasted word as she (somehow) seamlessly transitioned between starkly contrasting musical styles, a variety of characters and story lines. Monica left everything on stage in a performance that is difficult to forget after experiencing.
— Eric Engelbart, MKE Fringe Producer
“Mt Rushmore has it all: badass women, time travel, punk rock, political activism, family dynamics, the ’80s, and live music. There’s injustice, deadly corporate malfeasance, a fear-mongering politician, and espionage. But also hope and strength and humor. It’s like you took The Americans, made it a DIY sci-fi with a strong social conscience, and set it to a Black Flag soundtrack. I’m in.”
— -DC Metro Theatre

photos by Erik McGregor