1- squat or crouch down low: she hunkered down beside the dog.
verb [ no obj. ]
2 - [hunker down] The advantage of this position is that you’re not only crouched close to the ground, presenting a small target for whatever the universe chooses to throw at you, but you’re also ready to move at a moment’s notice.

A true story of fight, loss and love through a climate disaster sonata; from dog-sledding in the dead of winter in Greenland to the front-lines of New York City resistance against fracking and ultimately swept into the height of Hurricane Sandy. Will we sink or swim as the universe hurls its arrows at us, as the water reaches our doorsteps? And will there be time for love?

Written and Performed by Monica Hunken

First Work-in-progress Directed by Peta Coy
Dramaturgy by Mahayana Landowne

Photos by Hunter Canning