Europe Tour 2015!


Return from the old countries... and more


The quick but packed tour to Europe was fantastyczny! (yeah, that's fantastic in Polish)  

Euro Highlights:

"Meetings with the Storytellers of the Worldin Lublin, Poland 

at Grodzka Gate Center-NN Theatre in really good company with some of the best storytellers of Europe. Packed festival!  

-Bicycling from Krakow into the Moravian fields of Czech Republic, getting lost in forests, rolling hills, epic mountain views, constant rain followed by forgiving rainbow.

- Performed at Studio Alta and taught a physical storytelling workshop in Prague with the great Husam Abed, who performed an intimate puppet show about his family's life in a Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan.

-Taught a Site-Specific Theater for Social Change workshop in a cultural center in the heart of an immigrant hood of Vienna and caused some trouble out in the streets, gambling joints and bank lobbies with a bunch of new friends, through the generous help of the Riahi Brothers- creators of the film Everyday Rebellion

- Had a couple glorious days to connect with friends in Berlin where spontaneous tango milongas, slack-line and Bauhaus abound.  Went to a Gorki show of men brutally flinging one another around in a sand pit and was embraced by a sweaty sandy dancer mid show. Thanks, Melissa Chambers.

-*Extra: This trip was predominantly safe and I encountered little mishap, although 

one night I did miss a train and spent the night in a construction site on the street, 

greeted by the 4am sun.   I've still got it. ;)


Thank you to everyone who hosted me and made this trip successful.  

I am so grateful.