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Justice Ride For Cecily

On May 5th, 25 year old activist, Cecily McMillan, was found guilty of assaulting an officer and sent to Rikers without bail. She was sexually assaulted by this NYC police officer and sent into seizures during her brutal arrest. The drawn out trial has been an excruciating and absurd affair as the judge continued to ...repress evidence and gag Cecily's defense team, clearly siding with the prosecution.

The only thing that we can do in the face of such an injustice is continue to organize, and thus we will be packing the courtroom again at her sentencing hearing on May 19th. Her sentence ranges anywhere from 2-7 years and possibility of probation.

That night we will ride through the streets with signs and clear messaging, either celebrating the success of her appeal or expressing our condemnation of the verdict and demanding a change in this city's abject acceptance of police violence and suppression of activist voices.

Please join us in the morning for the hearing. It will take place Monday, May 19th at 9:30am in Part 41 (room 1116) of 100 Centre St., and the sentencing will be handed down by Judge Ronald Zweibel.

This is especially important since she has been remanded and immediately sent to Riker's until then, and it will be an opportunity for her to see how much we all still love and support her.

As usual, we must remain calm and respectful in the courtroom to set a good image for ourselves. We also ask that everyone wear business casual clothing. For more information on developments in the trial and a collection of our press attention, please check out

Send Cecily mail and books!
Cecily's current address is below. She will be held in custody until her May 19 sentencing.
Cecily McMillan
Book & Case Number 3101400431
Rose M. Singer Center
19-19 Hazen Street
East Elmhurst, New York 11370

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